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Merry(field) by name, merry by nature

Welcome. Thank you. I'm smiling.

I'm Jim, a Bristol-born, Cheddar-based travel advocate, recruiter, and part-time writer, with a firm belief in the importance of adventure and the benefits that it can do for our mind and development.

As a student of English Language & Literature through college, I disregarded the imposed option of further study to travel, work abroad, and occasionally drink beer, where I had the best life lessons. 

I'm an amateur geographer (no official study here whatsoever, yet) with a passion for exploring people, places, and the natural environment.

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An avid rugby, football and cricket for local teams and I love to be outside camping, hiking, and riding bicycles, whether road, mountain or touring. You'll also find me at Glastonbury Festival every year building bars, which you'll read about in the first book - Iberia by Bike: Work Desk to Wild Camp.

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These upcoming books will detail my solo travels, from hitchhiking through Oz, windsurfing in Maine, hostel-less in Manhattan, chased with a crossbow in Thailand, and most recently after giving up my day job - Iberia by Bike: Work Desk to Wild Camp - touring France, Spain and Portugal on a motorbike. 

​I become an advanced rider with the Institute of Advanced Motorists Roadsmart (IAM) course with my local group Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM). Highly recommended for any budding motorists looking to increase their safety on the road and join a supportive community.

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Is this the place where you write about your CV? 

Barman turned Painter & Decorator turned Banana Humper turned Fence Erector turned Corporate Recruiter turned Travel Inspired Creative Writer with a distaste for selfish systems that favour the few. Looking to turn my recruitment work round to contribute to the green revolution.

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Looking to expand my network, change my ways to contribute towards a sustainable environment by learning, continue documenting travels, work with creative people and write more!


About: About Us
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