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Work Desk to Wild Camp

Exploring France, Spain and Portugal on a motorbike

Released 13th October 2021

On sale in ebook and paperback. Can be requested from bookshops or purchased online from all the nasty retailers where we buy stuff from including WaterstonesBook Depository, Barnes and Noble and if you absolutely have to, you can get it from Amazon. 

If you'd like to support your local library or independant book store then please request it through them!!

Book: Welcome


Flagging at work, being submerged in an illustrious corporate lifestyle, making money matters at whatever cost to the soul or planet, Jim battled to justify his increasing impact to an unsustainably selfish system.

Jim was never destined for office work, but it consumed him nonetheless. As a West Country man in his mid-twenties - who crosses the border between immaturity and a midlife crisis - he quit his job and set off.

Having recently passed his motorbike licence; this was his lifeline and an opportunity for reflection. In need of a new direction, Jim embraced the challenge of Iberia by Bike (Spain, Portugal and a bit more) riding almost 10,000 kilometres through southwest Europe with little more than a tent and his 'particular' companion.

So you're struggling with the soul-sucking office job. What do you do?

The short answer - be bold, it's your life, you choose!

Dive into Spain, France and Portugal on this journey of discovery that encourages personal exploration and development. You'll encounter recommended remote spots, wild camping, city breaks, hidden gems and the paths and patios in between.

Book: Who We Are
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